About You Discover Math

Ultimately our organization is driven by a simple yet profound belief: Math is for everyone. Our journey began with a vision that every math student benefits from the guidance of caring role models, discovering not just the beauty of math but also developing confidence and character within a supportive community.

Our Core Beliefs 

Math as a Universal Language 

We see math as a beautiful, logical, and natural subject that transcends geographical locations, economic statuses, ages, and cultural demographics. It’s a subject that, at its core, remains constant across different eras and cultures, despite the varied symbols and languages developed to understand it. 

The Learning Experience 

We believe every student has a unique relationship with math, deserving of engaging opportunities to explore this fascinating subject. Our approach emphasizes care, relevance, curiosity, participation, accessibility, and enthusiasm, making learning both meaningful and enjoyable. 

Community Strengths 

Our belief system recognizes that every community harbors natural talent, curiosity, and the potential for excellence in mathematics among other subjects. These qualities are universal, waiting to be nurtured and developed. We are committed to unlocking this potential, demonstrating that brilliance in math is not confined to any single demographic or locality. 

Teens’ and Young Adults’ Capabilities 

We firmly believe that young adults possess a remarkable capacity for leadership, innovation, and creativity. Far from being merely learners, they are uniquely positioned to contribute to the design and implementation of educational systems. At You Discover Math, we empower teens and young adults to take active roles in shaping how math is taught and experienced, valuing their insights and abilities as crucial to our mission. 

Relationship Between Educational and Economic Opportunities 

We stand for the principle that employment opportunities for youth, especially in roles that enhance their educational journey, should be abundant and equitable. Every young person deserves the chance to engage in work that is rewarding both intellectually and financially, accommodating their roles as learners, family contributors, and active community members. This belief drives our commitment to ensuring that educational achievements and economic advancements go hand in hand, providing a holistic support system for the younger generation. 

Our Mission

To make this vision a reality, YDM is dedicated to provide engaging math learning opportunities for all students, regardless of geographical location or economic status. We’re breaking down the barriers to make math accessible and fun for everyone.

Accomplishments So Far

  • Since our inception in 2021, we’ve achieved milestones that reflect our commitment and passion:
  • Launched our flagship virtual math tutoring and academic coaching program.
  • Provided over 600 hours of tutoring to students across four states. Hear what some of our clients have to say in their video testimonials.
  • Created opportunities for young adults to join our leadership team.
  • Established a fully virtual organization, welcoming volunteers from diverse backgrounds.
Despite still being a small startup with a team of around 10-20 active volunteers, our impact is profound. Every volunteer at YDM plays a crucial role in driving change, offering each individual the opportunity to influence our future direction.

Strategy for Empowerment

Academic Empowerment

We partner with our students to understand their academic goals, creating personalized plans with our tutors and academic coaches. Our flagship tutoring program is offered for free or by donation, ensuring no student is left behind due to economic constraints. 

Pre-Professional Empowerment

Recognizing the untapped potential in teenagers and young adults, we’ve designed our organization to empower them not just as students but as leaders. We include teenagers and young adults on our leadership team, and in roles which help them explore and prepare for professional careers.

Economic Empowerment

By 2026, we aim to interlink educational opportunities with economic benefits, by offering paid roles within YDM to teenagers and young adults, especially those from underserved communities. By doing so, we not only value their contribution but also support their economic independence. 

Funding and Impact

Our journey has been supported by generous donations from our founders, board members, clients, and the public. With modest startup and operational expenses, we’ve leveraged every dollar to provide a societal return of over 200% based on conservative estimates of the value of our tutoring services.


Join Us in Making a Difference

If you’re moved by our mission and share our belief that math can be a tool for empowerment, we invite you to join us. Whether as a student, a volunteer, or a supporter, your contribution can help us extend the reach of this transformative journey.

Together, let’s make math accessible and approachable for everyone!

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