How YDM Does Tutoring


Supportive relationships

High-quality math tutors

Free or by donation

The YDM Difference

You Discover Math is about supportive learning relationships, not quick tutoring transactions. 

We are caring volunteers who are GREAT at helping others discover math and reach their full potential.  

We want to support you along your learning journey.  

How Our Process Works

When you sign up to receive tutoring, our team’s first step is to listen. We get to know you. We learn about your specific needs and learning preferences.

Then, we draw up a game plan for your Tutoring Service Relationship. We select one of our tutor volunteers, who we believe will best fit your unique situation.

We arrange a Getting Started Session, where you will meet your YDM Tutor and discuss the suggested game plan. We will make sure the plan meets everyone’s needs (Student, Parent / Guardian, and Tutor) and that everyone understands their part.

Your YDM Tutor will help you learn the math you are currently covering in class, help you fill in any gaps from previous math topics, and help you discover how fun and interesting math is!

As students “truly” discover math, many realize that they enjoy math, much more than they ever realized before.

Some students go on to join the YDM Team as Math Student Leaders, and help others discover math too!


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