Every dollar you give creates math learning opportunities for all students, regardless of geographic location or economic status.

A few examples

Of course any amount big or small is greatly appreciated. We also have an option to become a monthly sponsor if you want to support us for the long haul!

See the difference we are making

Watch testimonials from individuals who have benefited from You Discover Math, a free and donation-based tutoring program connecting students with supportive math tutors and academic coaches. Hear how we have helped improve grades, boost confidence, and foster a love for mathematics.

More ways to support our mission 

Not everyone has the finances to support us and that is completely fine. Here are some additional ways that help make a difference!

Volunteer your time

Volunteering with YDM offers a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in the educational journey of young learners. YDM is committed to transforming the way students perceive and interact with mathematics, aiming to ignite a lifelong passion for the subject. By volunteering, you become part of a community that fosters curiosity and understanding in a subject often seen as challenging and inaccessible. Whether you’re a math enthusiast or someone who has overcome struggles with math yourself, your experiences can inspire and motivate students to pursue math with confidence and enthusiasm.

Being part of YDM as a volunteer means you are an integral part of an innovative and supportive network dedicated to educational excellence. YDM values each volunteer, offering training and resources necessary to excel in their roles. Beyond the personal satisfaction of helping others, volunteering with YDM provides significant professional and personal development opportunities. And your participation ensures that YDM can continue to offer programs that transform students’ mathematical understanding and enthusiasm, shaping how future generations will engage with math in their everyday lives.

Spread the word about YDM

Spreading the word about YDM and our mission not only helps us raise awareness about our organization and the services we provide, but it can also help us recruit more volunteers to support our cause. When you tell your friends, family, and colleagues about YDM, you are not only increasing the visibility of our organization, but you are also sharing the importance of accessible and engaging math learning opportunities for all students.

By spreading the word, you can encourage others to get involved in supporting our mission, whether it be through volunteering their time, making a donation, or simply sharing our organization’s information with their own networks. When more people become aware of our organization and the services we provide, we can reach more students who may be in need of our help, and attract more volunteers who are passionate about our cause.

Additionally, word-of-mouth recommendations from people who have had a positive experience with our organization can be very powerful in convincing others to volunteer their time. By sharing your own experiences with YDM and the impact that volunteering has had on you, you can inspire others to get involved and support our mission. In this way, spreading the word about YDM can help us recruit more volunteers and build a stronger community around our cause.

Vote for Education

Empower yourself with knowledge about the key players and institutions shaping the educational landscape in your locality. For instance, do you know your school board members? Unfortunately, school board elections often witness low participation. You have the power to change this narrative. Keep track of upcoming school board elections and educational ballot initiatives. Pledge to yourself, and for the future of your child, that you will actively participate in these elections.

Think about going a step further – can you motivate more people to vote? Consider reaching out to a teacher or school administrator you respect and trust. Ask them about their views on the current state of your local education system and the improvements needed.

Don’t forget about the state government officials whose decisions influence your community’s education. Understand who they are, who appointed or elected them, and the impact of their decisions on education. Champion those policies and individuals who work towards a positive change in education. Be proactive in reaching out to your elected officials and make informed voting decisions that align with your beliefs and understanding.

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