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Discover the many ways you can contribute to our organization beyond tutoring. We offer a diverse range of volunteer roles that cater to different interests and skill sets. Join us today and discover the fulfilling experience of volunteering with us.

Make an Impact

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Volunteering in these areas has a significant impact on the organization and community.

Volunteer Coordinator

Anyone who wants to sharpen their communication and leadership skills by working in a human resources department and leading the volunteer recruitment process for a nonprofit organization

Human Resources

Marketing Content Creator

High school or college student with interest such as marketing / social media / video editing / graphic design.


Partnership Development Coordinator

Any adult with strong, diverse connections to the local education community. Helps identify local organizations whose objectives share a strategic fit with YDM’s objectives. Makes virtual or physical “field trips” to area organizations (such as schools, boys and girls clubs, etc.) to help us deliver YDM’s outreach messaging.


Compliance and Legal Director

An experienced professional knowledgeable in legal considerations for small and growing nonprofit organizations.


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